Hospital facilities

Each of our surgeries run independently and is equipped with ultrasound, laboratory facilities for rapid test results and operating theatres. Ultrasound is used for investigating such things as abdominal masses, bladder problems and heart disease, as well as pregnancy diagnosis.

Barnstaple and Braunton surgeries have X-ray facilities for diagnosing a range of conditions including bone fractures, heart disease and intestinal obstruction. We have comfortable and safe inpatient kennel facilities for the pets that come to us for operations and other procedures.

Each surgery has a dedicated operating theatre for sterile operations with modern anaesthetic and monitoring equipment. The operations we offer include a wide range from routine neutering procedures to lump removals, abdominal surgery and ear surgery. We also offer orthopaedic surgery for cruciate ligament rupture and repair of uncomplicated fractures.

We have full dental equipment at our surgeries for animals that require dental extractions and/or tooth cleaning procedures.

Inpatient treatment

We offer inpatient treatment for more serious medical conditions such as severe gastroenteritis, liver or kidney failure or pancreatitis, as well as for pets recovering from serious accidents or major operations. Our Barnstaple surgery is where we bring those pets that need to be hospitalised overnight or longer. Should your pet need to spend a night with us, no matter which of our three surgeries they normally come to, they get the highest standard of care and attention at all times. If your pet needs to be transferred from your usual surgery we will transport them in our pet ambulance. If your pet is hospitalised for several days we are happy to arrange a suitable time for you to come and visit. One of our qualified veterinary nurses will stay on the premises overnight with any hospitalised animals to give them the best care.

At the Barnstaple surgery there are separate wards for dogs and cats with purpose built recovery kennels including walk-in kennels for larger dogs. The cat ward features a large observation window to allow the nurses to monitor patients without disturbing them. A separate isolation ward means we can nurse animals with contagious diseases away without any risk to other inpatients. Wards are temperature controlled for patient comfort.

The veterinary nurse on duty for the day will monitor inpatients and administer their medication, with help from our animal care assistant who makes sure they are fed, cleaned and comfortable.