Practice standards

RCVS Practice Standards Scheme - accredited practiceThe RCVS (Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons) are the regulators of the veterinary profession. They ensure that the vets and nurses registered to practice in the UK are properly qualified and fit to practice and that they maintain and improve their knowledge through a minimum amount of further training and study every year.

RCVS also runs the Practice Standards Scheme which is a voluntary scheme for accreditation of veterinary practice premises in the UK.

Argyll Veterinary Clinic surgeries are all accredited; Barnstaple and Braunton surgeries at General Practice level and Ilfracombe surgery at Core Standards level. This means we have been rigorously inspected to make sure that our facilities and procedures are of the required standard. Re-inspection occurs every four years and spot checks may happen at any time.

The inspection includes the following aspects

  • Qualifications and continuing education – ensuring all staff are fully trained and qualified and stay up to date with the latest developments in veterinary practice.
  • Premises – checking that the premises are clean and hygienic, secure and well maintained.
  • Records – keeping of accurate, easily accessible and confidential patient medical records.
  • Practice facilities and equipment – making sure that all of the following areas are up to the required standard:
  • Hospital facilities.
  • Surgical facilities.
  • Laboratory equipment.
  • Diagnostic equipment (X-ray and ultrasound).
  • Dispensary – ensuring that strict guidelines and laws on the safe storage and dispensing of medicines are adhered to and that proper records are kept.
  • 24 hour service – all vets must provide this, the inspectors check that the service is fit for the needs of the patients and their owners.
  • Health and Safety – making sure staff and members of the public are safe in the practice and that proper records are kept.
  • Procedures – practices must have written standard operating procedures for various practice activities from cleaning to equipment maintenance to control of infectious diseases. All of these are inspected.